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Oak Island Hardware is your community hardware store and we are located just down the street!

February 27, 2016

Hi, I am Todd Leonard, the owner of Oak Island Hardware. I grew up in coastal North Carolina and my father was a local contractor. To this day, I can remember the excitement I felt when we would get in the truck and go down the street to the local hardware store. Everyone knew my dad and made the same effort to make me feel important too. I have never forgotten that feeling.


However, like most kids, I grew up and moved away to set my own path, as I was no exception. I still loved the construction business and worked on my skills but times change and every time I needed tools or materials, I found my way to big box stores time after time. It wasn’t as convenient as when I was growing up but I didn’t have much choice.


Luckily for me, I found my way back home on the coast and had the opportunity to start a new business. Yes, it was a hardware store and you take a short trip down the street and around the corner to Oak Island Hardware. It is a place where we want to know your name and you can find most of what you need to finish your newest product. By growing up in a coastal environment, we understand the unique requirements needed for projects of all sizes. Our customers are both homeowners and commercial contractors as we make it a point to carry items you need to “Build It Island Tough”.


We have just launched our new website so you can take a tour of the store. We really stock a lot of products: stainless steel fasteners, bulk bin nails and screws, saw blades and bits, propane refills and tools for every job. We are centrally located on the island where you don’t have to cross the bridge to get what you need. I have always felt there are no strangers here, just lots of friends we haven’t met.

Come see us today!